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Israeli Specialties


Falafel* (whole)   8.27
Falafel* (half)  4.59
Falafel Lafah 12.86
Falafel Ball  0.37

                 * Please note: Falafel comes with sauerkraut and pickles. If you do not want either one on your falafel

              please let us know. We're happy to serve it your way.

              Tehina is always served on the side.. 




Chumus*                                                                     11.02
Babaganoush * 11.02
Combination (chumus, babaganoush, turkish salad)*   


Tuna Salad ** 7.35
Vegetable Tuna Salad (low fat mayo) ** 7.35
Egg Salad ** 7.35

 * Chumus, babaganoush and combination platters are served with pita, salad and falafel balls. 

** Tuna and egg salad platter are served with pita and salad.